Hijama (Cupping) in Sri Lanka

Hijama Team headed by Imran Razeek, I.Chem.C (P1), BICS.

Qualifications : Certified Hijama Therapist, Certified by Medical professionals and International Cupping Therapy Society of United Kingdom. 

Certificate No  :   138

Experience  : Over 5 Years of experience handling nearly 1000 patients with chronic conditions. 

Specializations    : Joint pains, lower back pain, body pains, headaches, sinusitis, Gastritis, Varicose veins, cervical spondylosis, Migrain  etc.

Treated patients for paralysis, Neuro fibro metosis, Skin rashes, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Trigger finger, Hypertension, poor vision, Infertility, wheezing, Addiction, Haemorrhoid, Speech difficulty, poor memory, Heel pain, Lymphoedema, Laryngitis, Elephantitis, Mental Disorder, Poisoning due to animal bites, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Contact No    : (0094) 776 534233 

E-mail : chembase@ymail.com 


Letter of Recommendation from Dr. Noorden Yousuf of Thailand.